Jun 24, 2013

Krigsrop - The Symbol Of Aryan Victory (2004)

Genre: NSBM
Country: Norway
Year: 2004
Bitrate: 128/192 kbps
Size: 44.3 MB

01. Dawn Of A White Era
02. As The Ashes Of Dead Jews Rises In The Sky
03. Kill Jew
04. Endless March To A New Holocaust
05. Speech Of Truth
06. Wotan Mit Uns
07. Et Hvitt Rike I Horisonten
08. Forbi De Ariske Skoger
09. Entering The Gates Of Auswitch (Bonus Track)
10. Solomons Undergang (Remastered Rehearsal Tape)
11. Wotan Mit Uns (Live)
12. White Pride (World Wide DrunkneSS)

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